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The Ashes – 1932-33 – The Bodyline Series

The Famous Bodyline Series from 1932-33 where, depending on your point of view, the dastardly or strategically astute English Captain Douglas Jardine (pictured) and his fast bowling weapon, Harold Larwood, set out to destroy the “Don” and win the Ashes. So much has been written about this amazing series that we are choosing brevity to describe this series and will let the cards speak instead.

Players in this set:

Australia: AF Kippax, CV Grimmett, DG Bradman, EH Bromley, H Ironmonger, HH Alexander, HSB Love, JHW Fingleton, LE Nagel, LPJ O'Brien, LS Darling, PK Lee, SJ McCabe, TW Wall, VY Richardson, WAS Oldfield, WH Ponsford, WJ O'Reilly, WM Woodfull

England: DR Jardine, E Paynter, GOB Allen, H Larwood, H Sutcliffe, H Verity, LEG Ames, M Leyland, IAK Pataudi, RES Wyatt, TB Mitchell, W Voce, WE Bowes, WR Hammond

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For more information on the Bodyline Series, visit Wikipedia.

Image Source: State Library of NSW.


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