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Minden Playing Card Cricket Excel Assistant - FREE Download

Greetings. The Minden Assistant is now available for download. Note, this is very much in beta at the moment and you download and use it at your own risk. That said, the latest version is stable and is a brilliant piece of work by Paul Caswell, a long time Minden Cricket fan. Almost all of the Advanced Rules have been implemented, and you are able to choose between the Basic and Advanced Game. The Helper keeps track of all the stats as you play, rolls dice, and flips cards!

To use it you still need the Minden Playing Card Cricket game itself and the player cards as you do the look ups yourself, but it makes playing the game and keeping track of the stats and game conditions super easy.

Note, once you have downloaded the helper you need to do the followings in setting in Excel to ensure the helper runs correctly:

  • The ActiveX settings under File -> Options -> Trust Centre - > Trust Centre Settings... -> Active X Settings. It should be set to Prompt me before enabling all controls with minimal restrictions. Also ensure that the option Safe Mode is unchecked.
  • The Macro settings under File -> Options -> Trust Centre - > Trust Centre Settings... -> Macro Settings. It should be set to Disable all macros with notification.

Any recommendations for improvement or if you find any bugs please let us know.

  • 1. The Version of MPCC Assistant you are running (the file name)
  • 2. Which operating system you are running
  • 3. Which version of Excel you are running.

You can download the MPCC Assistant by visiting this page on our site and adding the product to your basket then checking out. It's totally free so enjoy!

Have fun and again a huge thank you to Paul for his hard work.

Written by Darren Edwards — April 19, 2019

Minden 2020 ... yes, we're still working on it friends.

Greetings all - well it's been a while ;-) Just wanted to update you that Gary (the creator of Minden Playing Card Cricket and many, many other games) and I met a few weeks ago in London to finalise some of the finer point of the much anticipated (mainly by us), soon to be revealed, Twenty20 version of Minden Cricket (new name pending!). 

More soon. In the mean time, please feel free to purchase that fine, fine cricket game for replaying statistically accurate Test and One Day games - Minden Playing Card Cricket.

Image: State Library of NSW.

Written by Darren Edwards — July 19, 2018

A Century of Cricket Games

Minden Cricket at Lords Board Game Exhibition

If you're in London or visiting soon, the Minden Cricket team strongly suggests you get yourself down to Lords, the home of cricket, and visit the MCC Museum. 2017 sees the excellent "A Century of Cricket Games" exhibition enter its 2nd year. Cricket board game tragic, Dagbo Edmonds (otherwise known as the publisher of that fine cricket board game, Minden Playing Card Cricket) has provided his collection of cricket board games for long term loan to the MCC Museum and this forms that basis of the exhibition (making up 60-70% of all games on display).

On your visit you will discover a wealth of games from the past 100+ years, including excellent copies of Stumpz and He's Out, two of the oldest, finest games in the Lords collection.

For more info, try the Lords web site.

Written by Darren Edwards — December 24, 2016

Open Source Minden + T20

Update, March 26, 2016: We are now setting up a working group for the Open Source project outlined below. For more information and to register your interest visit our Delphi Forum

For those who are fans of Minden Cricket and regular visitors to our Delphi forum you will know I have been a "little" tardy in terms of updating the forums and keeping up with a steady flow of news. While I don't foresee that changing for a while I thought while I have a few minutes I would update you with some news.

Meeting Gary - A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting for the first time in the flesh, Gary Graber, the designer / creator of Minden Cricket. Previously we have talked on the phone and, mostly, via email, so it was a treat to finally meet Gary when he visited London recently. We managed to catch up a few times and it was fascinating to get a detailed insight into how Gary creates his games (cricket is an old passion of his, but he is really a war game designer and publisher of a regular war game magazine - and he is also a History Professor in what I like to call "the real world"). During our meetings we discussed how we might evolve Minden Cricket hence the news below ...

Twenty20 Anyone? - while there can be no promises on when this might be delivered, we did discuss creating a Twenty20 version of Minden Cricket. The rules would be tweaked for the modern, shorter version of the game, and it would be designed as an entry level game, teaching people the basics of Minden Cricket, and eventually leading into the much richer version of the full 5th edition. Stay tuned ...

Cards Sets and Open Source - perhaps of more interest for people is some news on the card sets. Since creating the 5th Edition about 4-5 years ago it's been a steady seller and up until last Christmas I had managed to find time in my otherwise busy life to create new season cards sets each year. This is not a simple endeavour and generally takes about a week of full time work to do. As such the number of card sets available for Minden is reasonably limited. To help change this we are considering (I say "considering" because no final decision has been made yet) publishing the stats and formula of the Advanced Cards and allowing people to create their own sets. The only rider would be that the copyright for such cards would enter the public domain and ideally would be published on this forum and made available to other Minden Cricket gamers. If we go ahead with this, I expect to be able to work on this in early January next year so that it is more an 2016 project than this year as there is quite a bit of prep to reveal the formula for public consumption. 

Again...stay tuned.

Image source: The Examiner.

Written by Darren Edwards — January 02, 2016

ODI Basic Ratings for World Cup Teams

A member of Minden Cricket's Delphi Forum and long time Minden Player, Anthony A from the good old US of A has kindly provided us with a set of Basic Ratings and rules for various ODI World Cup teams. These are included in our Freebie Section and the following are Anthony's observations about his set.

Written by Dagbo Star — July 14, 2013

Pitch Cards Uploaded as PDFs

I've had a few emails over the past six months from people who have damaged or mislaid parts of the game. So I thought I'd add a PDF of the Pitch Cards for the Advanced version of the game to the FREEBIES area of the site. You can now download these and print replacements. Or if you haven't played or bought the game yet, this will give you a little insight into its depth.


Go to the FREEBIES section by clicking here.

Written by Dagbo Star — June 09, 2013

Neil Adcock, South African great fast bowler, passes away

Former South African great fast bowler, Neil Adcock, passed away yesterday (January 6). Adcock was one of the greats of the game and plied his trade during a period of superb fast bowlers.

Reading through the many news reports on his passing last night, I particularly liked this quote in The Hindu from Cricket South Africa's acting chief executive, Jacquest Faul, who said: "Neil was one of the great fast bowlers during what was truly a golden era of fast bowling. At that time England had Trueman, Statham and Tyson; Australia had Lindwall, Miller and Davidson; and the West Indies had Hall and Gilchrist. Neil was right up with the best of them."

Adcock played 26 Tests over a nine year period and took 104 wickets at an average of 21.10. In 1961, he was named one of Wisden's five Cricketers of the Year.

As a very small and modest tribute to Neil and his family, I have prepared his Minden Cricket playing card, which shows him to be one of the great bowlers in our game terms. He is also awarded the "Bouncer Intimidation" rating, which is a new rule introduced in the All Time Great XIs set.

Our condolences to his family.

You can download the PDF version of the card here.

Image via ESPN Cricinfo Player Profile page.

Written by Dagbo Star — January 07, 2013

WSC Super Tests Project (...again!)

I wrote some time ago about doing a pack for the World Series Cricket Super Tests and, possibly, the one day games. For those interested, this is my next project. I hope to base the Super Tests on the actual stats of each Test and produce a card for everyone who played at least three Test matches. 

In the meantime, while you're waiting, I've linked to the intro to the Super Tests from the Nine Network that was shown when they were originally played way back in 1978.

Written by Darren Edwards — January 04, 2013

Annual Advanced Career Cards now ready ...

The 2011/12 Annual Career Cards are now ready :-)

You can read about them and, if you like, purchase them too, from here.

And for now ... a few facts:

A few facts:

  • For the first time you can choose to purchase either the Full Annual set of 143 cards as a single set, or you can purchase individual teams.
  • Anyone who purchased Minden in Q4 of 2012 will receive the full set for free. I will send them out via email by the end of January 6, 2013.
  • The cards are in PDF format this year, so you can purchase and download instantly!
  • If you buy the full Minden Game you get the cards printed on high quality card stock as part of the game

I'll write some more later, but for now, please enjoy!

Written by Dagbo Star — December 31, 2012

Vale Tony Greig

Very sad news. I have just surfed to Cricinfo and seen that Tony Greig has passed away after a battle with lung cancer. He was only 66.

What a very sad thing. My wife worked with him briefly in the 90s when we were building web sites for the Nine Network in Sydney and she always speaks of their brief meeting with fondness, saying he was a very nice man.

Recently he has slowly been recognised for his important role in modernising the game, and with his lecture at Lord's last year, he has started to be forgiven by the English cricketing establishment. I have been listening to the many tributes to him on podcasts and streaming radio, and he was obviously much loved.

I am particularly impressed that Kerry Packer kept his word all those years ago that Greig would have a "job for life" with Packer's organisation. I will really miss his commentary.

Strangley, I am working on the 1970s Australia / England Decade set and there his is amongst all the famous names. At the moment he is looking like a SR B DR C+ (B- for those who play the Basic Game). Trivial, I know, but there you go. I will post his card here when done by way of a very, very minor tribute.

Pic via Cricinfo.

Written by Dagbo Star — December 29, 2012


Minden Playing Card Cricket is a board game and is usually shipped each Monday. Advanced Player Card sets and Tour Packs are sold as PDFs and are available to download immediately after purchase.