Minden Playing Card Cricket - Cricket Board Game

Minden Cricket Board Game - 5th Edition

Minden Playing Card Cricket - 5th Edition is a statistically accurate cricket board game which has kept sports replay gamers entertained and enthralled for more almost 40 years.

This compelling and fun cricket board game comes complete with hundreds of Advanced Player Cards based on current Test players from all major Test Playing nations, as well as Cards for players based on the famous 1981 Ashes.

The Minden Playing Card Cricket 5th Edition core game includes rules for Basic and Advanced versions of the game, charts, dice, playing pieces, score sheets, a playing board and dozens of statistically accurate player cards and ratings.

The game is played using a standard deck of playing cards (not supplied), and allows you to replay Test Matches using players who perform like their real life counterparts. All the rules and nuances of Test cricket are replicated, from new ball behaviour, the ability to get swing in the right conditions, form slumps, hat tricks, the ability to be “mankad”, and much more.
What you get:
The 5th Edition of Minden Playing Card Cricket includes:
  • The lovingly produced 5th Edition board game, and all playing pieces.
  • The Ashes Series Set - 'Botham's 1981 Ashes'. This set contains Advanced Cards for all players from this classic series. These are printed on high quality stock and included with the mailed out game.
  • Downloadable PDFs of the Advanced Career Cards for all Players who played 5 Tests or more between 2010 and August 21, 2020. That's 417 Players from Australia, Bangladesh, England, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, West Indies and Zimbabwe.

NEW: As part of the 5th Edition 10th Anniversary Celebrations we are providing Advanced Player Cards for ALL Test Players from 2010 through to the latest 2020 Set. That's 417 Cards from 10 Test Playing Nations in glorious PDF format. If you purchase before December 2021 you will also get the 2021 Player Cards when they become available.


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The game is quite heavy as it comes with a number of high quality pieces, rules, tables and a hard mounted board. Shipping costs are:
  • UK - £5.00
  • EU Countries - £9.50
  • Everywhere else - £12.50

Don't forget to also download the FREE Excel Assistant, that helps track the rules and scores as you play the board game. Download here.


Minden Playing Card Cricket is a cricket board game and is usually shipped each Monday.

Ashes, Career and Series Sets of Players Cards are delivered as PDFs and are available to download immediately after purchase.