Minden Playing Card Cricket - Cricket Board Game

Minden Playing Card Cricket Excel Assistant - FREE Download

Updated 9 May 2020: The current version of the MPCC Assistant is v0.1.9 (updated with 2019 World Cup squads).

The Minden Assistant is now available for download. Note, this is very much in beta at the moment and you download and use it at your own risk. That said, the latest version is very stable and is a brilliant piece of work by Paul Caswell, a long time Minden Cricket fan. Almost all of the Advanced Rules have been implemented, and you are able to choose between the Basic and Advanced Game. The Helper keeps track of all the stats as you play, rolls dice, and flips cards!

To use it you still need the Minden Playing Card Cricket game itself and the player cards as you do the look ups yourself, but it makes playing the game and keeping track of the stats and game conditions super easy.

Note, once you have downloaded the helper you need to do the followings in setting in Excel to ensure the helper runs correctly:
  • The ActiveX settings under File -> Options -> Trust Centre - > Trust Centre Settings... -> Active X Settings.  It should be set to Prompt me before enabling all controls with minimal restrictions. Also ensure that the option Safe Mode is unchecked.
  • The Macro settings under File -> Options -> Trust Centre - > Trust Centre Settings... -> Macro Settings.  It should be set to Disable all macros with notification.
Any recommendations for improvement or if you find any bugs please let us know:
1. The Version of MPCC Assistant you are running (the file name)
2. Which operating system you are running
3. Which version of Excel you are running.

Have fun and again a huge thank you to Paul for his hard work.



Minden Playing Card Cricket is a board game and is usually shipped each Monday. Advanced Player Card sets and Tour Packs are sold as PDFs and are available to download immediately after purchase.