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"He's Out"! - Retro Game (Printed Version)

You are currently viewing the PRINTED version of He's Out, which is a physical product which will be mailed to you upon purchase. The PrintNPlay (downloadable) version is available by clicking here.

Minden Cricket is pleased to announce the release of a “new” cricket game – He’s Out! The game is available as either a print ‘n’ play PDF version or a physical version (where we've done all the hard work of printing the game on good quality stock).

The game is based on a long out of print board game that was originally made by Roberts Brothers, published under the Glevum Series trademark. Roberts Brothers (1894-1956), was one of the largest game, toy and children’s furniture manufacturers of the British Empire. At its height, Roberts Brothers ran a factory in Gloucester, England employing around 700 people. We can’t confirm the exact date that He’s Out! was published but from the team lists and Wally Hammond’s photo on the box we estimate it dates from around 1928.

The simplicity and charm of He’s Out! made it an easy choice to refresh. Wishing you hours of fun playing He’s Out!

For the printed game we generally mail every Monday. £2 for UK Shipping, and £5 for the rest of the world.


Minden Playing Card Cricket is a board game and is usually shipped each Monday. Advanced Player Card sets and Tour Packs are sold as PDFs and are available to download immediately after purchase.