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Advanced Career Cards: England in the 2000s

The 2000s was a rocky road for England, but one which saw some incredible highs (2005), some terrible lows (2006/07) and some more highs (2009). This Decade Set lets you see how England built the structure for the current English Test team, and contains many great names from this or any cricketing era. All of the advanced player cards in this set are based on the total career statistics of each player.

This pack contains the following English players: AJ Stewart, MA Atherton, GP Thorpe, N Hussain, MP Vaughan, A Flintoff, ME Trescothick, MA Butcher, MJ Hoggard, GA Hick, SJ Harmison, AR Caddick, D Gough, AF Giles, MR Ramprakash, PCR Tufnell, MS Panesar, JP Crawley, DG Cork, GO Jones, C White, RDB Croft, AD Mullally, SP Jones, NV Knight, CMW Read, RWT Key, IDK Salisbury, TR Ambrose, RS Bopara, AJ Tudor, LE Plunkett, SI Mahmood, GJ Batty, RKJ Dawson, JS Foster, OA Shah, CEW Silverwood, IJ Ward, CJ Adams, SD Udal, A McGrath, MP Bicknell, RJ Kirtley, ESH Giddins.

This set of Advanced Player Cards is available as a downloadable PDF immediately after purchase.


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