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Advanced Career Cards: Australia in the 2000s

The 2000s was a decade of change for the Australians. While the Australian team continue the decade where it left off in the 90s, as by far the dominant Test playing nation, the 2005 Ashes marked the start of a long, slow decline. Despite this some of the greatest names ever to play the game donned the baggy green during this decade. This pack contains many of them, with advanced player cards based on the total career statistics of each player.

This pack contains the following Australians: SR Waugh, SK Warne, ME Waugh, GD McGrath, JL Langer, ML Hayden, AC Gilchrist, B Lee, MJ Slater, JN Gillespie, DR Martyn, GS Blewett, SCG MacGill, MS Kasprowicz, DS Lehmann, A Symonds, SR Clark, MTG Elliott, DW Fleming, AJ Bichel, CR Miller, PA Jaques, MJ North, GB Hogg, BJ Hodge, NW Bracken, ML Love, AB McDonald, CL White, BA Williams.

This set of Advanced Player Cards is available as a downloadable PDF immediately after purchase.



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