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All Time Great XIs (Aus, Eng, Sth Africa, WI)

The All Time Great XIs sets bring together the best 11 players from each of the Test Playing nations. This set includes Australia, England, South Africa and the West Indies. With players from the Victorian Age through the following day, this set gives you everything you need to pit the very best and the very best.

Based on full career statistics for each player, the set brings to life such greats as Warnie, Beefy, Fiery Fred (Trueman, not Flintoff), Wally Hammond, and many more.

This set of 44 Advanced Player Cards contains some of the greatest fast bowlers to ever set foot on the field and has warranted the "re-introduction" of the 'Bouncer Intimidation' rule, details of which are included in the set. Along with Set B (due to be published in the next few weeks), this set will give you a host of players to relive the great Tests of the past, or try our endless 'what if' scenarios.

The set is based on the results of ESPN Cricinfo's Best Test Teams of All Time and includes the following players:

AUSTRALIA: VT Trumper, AR Morris, DG Bradman, GS Chappell, AR Border, KR Miller, AC Gilchrist, SK Warne, WJ O'Reilly, DK Lillee, GD McGrath

ENGLAND: JB Hobbs, L Hutton, WR Hammond, KF Barrington, KP Pietersen, IT Botham, APE Knott, H Larwood, DL Underwood, FS Trueman, SF Barnes

SOUTH AFRICA: BA Richards, GC Smith, JH Kallis, RG Pollock, AD Nourse, GA Faulkner, SM Pollock, MJ Procter, JHB Waite, HJ Tayfield, AA Donald

WEST INDIES: CG Greenidge, CC Hunte, GA Headley, IVA Richards, BC Lara, GS Sobers, MD Marshall, JL Hendriks, MA Holding, CEL Ambrose, LR Gibbs

This set of Advanced Player Cards is available as a downloadable PDF immediately after purchase.


Minden Playing Card Cricket is a board game and is usually shipped each Monday. Advanced Player Card sets and Tour Packs are sold as PDFs and are available to download immediately after purchase.