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This section contains new official rules, rule or game suggestions from Minden Players, new player ratings and some useful stuff from the core game itself in PDF format.

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    You'll also find more information from fellow players of the game on our Web Forum at Delphi, so don't forget to check that out.



    3.4.7 Bouncer Intimidation

    Fast bowlers with a '+' next to their type (i.e., F+) bowl a higher than normal no. of bouncers. To simulate the intimidation that this can cause, do this following: on all Jack draws, if a 6 is rolled when resolving the over on the "Bowling Rating" table, roll die again. 1-4 has no effect, while 5-6 means the facing batsman suffers a one level drop to his SR or DR (batsman’s choice) when facing that same bowler. If batsman is in Def. mode, reduce die roll by 1, or if  Pitch favours batsmen also reduce by 1 (a max. reduction of 1 is allowed). This effect lasts the entire day, or until the affected batsman rolls a six on a Flurry resolution, which ever comes first. This effect may occur more than once, and is cumulative with all other modifications. Batting ratings below F are treated as F.

    Card set affected: ATG XIs Sets.

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    Pitch Card and Pitch Chart for Wet Wicket pitches (from 1948 Ashes Tour Pack)

    This special Wet Wicket pitch card is from the 1948 Ashes Tour Pack. This is designed to simulate the type of Wet Wicket conditions common during the period when the tour occurred. The Pitch Chart is also from the 1948 pack and can be used when playing Tests during the tour.


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    Two Player Variant by Paul Caswell

    Paul writes on our Web Forum on Delphi: "Recently, I've been working on some rules for a competitive 2-player variant for MPCC.  The attached document contains some rules which attempt to create a genuinely competitive game of MPCC for two players which is not only simple, but which also retains the excellent system that MPCC uses for generating its results. The rationale behind each of the rules is also given.

    Though I haven't yet used this 2-player variant in a fully-fledged test match, I have played some ODIs with it using some modified ODI charts that I've also created.  These charts are also attached.

    I realise that MPCC is primarily a replay game, and that most on this forum are probably solo-players, but I'd be interested in hearing from others who are willing to try this variant and/or the ODI charts."  

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    English County Cricket Squads - 2013

    Minden Cricket player David Nicholls has created Basic Game ratings for all players and teams in the 2013 English County Championship. You can download and enjoy this great piece of work from the links below (you can also find a copy on John Gardiner's excellent Sports Replay web site by clicking here.

    Enjoy and don't forget to drop by the Minden Cricket web forum at Delphi to comment or make suggestions on the squad. 

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    ODI Ratings for World Cup Sides

    Courtesy of Minden Playing Card Cricket aficionado Anthony are the full ratings for various World Cup Teams from over the years. The ratings are for the Basic Game. The stats provided include Stats for the Specific World Cup the player was in (column 1), Stats for the Player's full ODI career (column 2), and stats for the Player based on their Test Match career. You'll find observations in a special blog post from Anthony after he played this set quite a bit which you might find helpful.

    World Cup teams in this set include:

    • 1975 - New Zealand, England, West Indies, Australia, East Africa, India, Sri Lanka
    • 1979 - West Indies
    • 1983 - India
    • 1987 - Australia, England
    • 1992 - Pakistan, England, New Zealand
    • 1996 - Australia, Sri Lanka, West Indies, India
    • 1999 - Australia, Pakistan, South Africa, Scotland
    • 2003 - Australia, India, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, Netherlands
    • 2007 - Australia, Bermuda, Sri Lanka
    • 2011 - Sri Lanka, India

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    Game Components

  • Game Tracker and Score Sheet - Designed especially for the 5th Edition, these two sheets give you everything you need to both score a game, and keep track of it between your own play sessions. File size: 26Kb.
  • 5th Edition Game Board - This game board was designed to help those playing with all rule "on" to keep easy track of things as they immerse themselves into the game. Track the state of the pitch, weather, the time, etc, as well as keeping track of various bowling and batting strategies and any modifiers that are in play. File size: 3.3Mb
  • Pitch Cards - The full set of 5th Edition Pitch Cards which contain a wide variety of pitches, their behaviour, and their effect when using different bowlers. I've uploaded this as it gives a good insight into the depth of the game itself, and I also thought it would be useful for those who have mislaid or accidentally damaged their cards. File size: 33kb.

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    Minden Playing Card Cricket is a cricket board game and is usually shipped each Monday.

    Ashes, Career and Series Sets of Players Cards are delivered as PDFs and are available to download immediately after purchase.