The opportunities for replay nirvana are many

We reached a milestone recently with the publication of the latest set of Career Cards, which means the majority of crickets from the start of Test cricket in the 1870s through to the end of 2020 now have their own Minden Playing Card Cricket Advanced card based on their total career statistics.

There are now more than 1,800 players carded in the Minden Cricket Advanced Card format, allowing the opportunity for endless "What If..." scenarios

For example, what if Bedi bowled to Bradman? How would W.G. Grace fare against the pace of McGrath? Would the great Hedley Verity perform well against a modern Indian attack on the dust bowl of Feb 2021's Chennai?

The opportunities for replay nirvana are many.

In addition, we have been adding to the array of Series Sets, from famous Ashes battles of the past, to a growing number of Classic Series including all Test playing nations. These sets are based on Player statistics from a specfic series, rather than a player's full career, and allows detailed replay of these series using players with their skill level frozen at that point in time. It provide a different twist to the "What if..." possibilities of Minden Cricket.

We have even introduced the X-Series sets of Career Cards, carding players who have not yet played the minimum 5 Tests we use for standard Career Cards. This enables those who wish to replay Tests involving Afghanistan and Ireland, the two newest Test Playing nations. We will be adding to this series over time in order to "flesh out" the missing gaps in the Career Card Series.

We are eager to hear from the many players of Minden as to what Card Sets they would like to see in addition to the above. Just leave a comment below or contact us on the Contact Us page, or if you wish, drop over the the Delphi Forums to let us know.

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  • Mike Brian on

    Am happy if you continue the Classic Series. Many more to consider – WI v Aust (94/95), WI v Pak (87/88), Ind v Aust (00/01), SA v Aust (01/12), Ind v WI (74/75), Eng v WI (95), Aust v Eng (36/37). Just a few of many.

    The sets give an interesting alternative to career cards and reflect a “moment in time” (okay, a few weeks in time :-) ).

  • Darren on

    That’s an excellent idea Trefor, will look into that. I am assuming you mean any players who went on those tours but are not carded in the Career Sets for Minden. The Tourists and the South Africans. Interesting.

  • Trefor Little on

    Would like to see a South Africa set that covers those who missed official tests but played against the rebel tourists.

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