World Cup 2019 - ODI Set Available Now

New Card Development

The Minden Cricket Series Set, ODI - Series - 2019 - World Cup, is our first ever set of One Day International Advanced Player cards.

In order to road test ODI cards prior to producing Career Cards and other series sets we have decided to make this set free. If you download them please let us know if you have any feedback by contacting us via the Contact Us page or by leaving comments on our Delphi Forum.

The ODI - Series - 2019 - World Cup set is based on the most recent cricket World Cup and contains all teams and players with statistics based on the nine group games and the three games in the finals. The Final itself was famously won by England against New Zealand in a gripping game that went to a Super Over and was eventually decided on a "count back" of fours.

Advanced Player Cards - Souped Up!

You may use all of the usual charts and rules that come with Minden Playing Card Cricket - 5th Edition to play One Day Internationals as we were able to replicate the increased run rate of ODI versus Test Cricket on Player cards without any major changes to the rules.

While the increated run rate means many player's cards have an SR rating of A (the highest batting rating possible in Minden), the number of runs produced on these Player cards has significant variance between players to better replicate each player Averages and their style of play (from super aggressive, to more conservative).

Rule Modifications for ODI PowerPlay

There are two rule Modifications for ODI:

  1. Powerplay: during the Powerplay the fielding side must set their field as "Close" (see Rule 1.7.2 on page 9). However, in this rule variant there is no additional chances given for dismissals (i.e., do not draw an additional card if a "7" is drawn). As per the rule, the Batsman may add one to the die rolls of all Flurry and Batting Rating resolutions during the PowerPlay.
  2. Snatching Extra Runs: when players try for extra runs as per rule 1.6.5 (page 9), they may always subtract one from any d6 roll when going for 2 or 3 extra runs when using the "Snatching Extra Runs" chart.

For more information on the tournament:

Enjoy the set and let me know via the Contact Us form or our Delphi Forum if you have any feedback.

Image Source: The very first One Day International game, January 6, 1971, Australia versus England. Trove - The Canberra Times.

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