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Hi everyone,

Been a while since I posted so I wanted to let you know that I am very close to releasing the Advanced Player Cards for Test Players for 2020-2018. I am going to include all Players for the past three years up until August 21 this year (that is just before the December 2020 two Test series between New Zealand and the West Indies). They will include players who have played 5 Tests or more in 2018, 2019 and 2020. As many of you will know, this is the first annual update in some time - actually since 2012. I will try to fill the gap of annual cards so we have from 2010 to 2020 in place, and will then focus on decade packs.

The good news is I have been using the most recent COVID lockdown/hiatus to work on the Excel spreadsheet I use to generate Player Cards. As anyone who tried to get involved in the Minden Open Source project will know, the original Excel I used was a complex, opaque old thing. It did the job, but it was quite the job to actually create the cards. It took me the best part of 2 weeks of dedicated work to card the Annual Sets and as I got busier IRL I could never find the dedicated time or energy to update them. Very few cards were produced by the Minden fan base (although the ever energetic and dedicated Lee Wykes did get quite a few cards done) so I have decided, at least for now, to remove the Minden Open Source project.

Why the burst of energy now? Pre-COVID I was flying from Europe to Asia at least once every six weeks and doing at doing 3-4 European flight / work trips each month. After almost a year WFH I am jet lag free and have been super productive on a bunch of things, not least the total overhaul of the Card Creator Excel.

It now automates about 95% of the Card creation, and doing an annual set in testing has taken me less than a day each time. Most of the manual work is related to some smaller points of the bowler. As such I still need to do some manual checks. To simplify things, I have decided, for now at least, to combine Swing and Reverse Swing in order to be able to produce more cards, faster.

Across the board I have tweaked the formula I use to achieve Gary Graber's original design intent. Most will be invisible to the average player and do not affect the accuracy of the statistical results that Gary's design achieves. Instead the way those statistics are achieved on many player's cards now better reflects how each individual player bats and bowls in real life.

So, next steps: I want to do another week or so of testing of the new cards, then I plan to offer 2020, 2019 and 2018 as a single set for FREE until the end of January 2021, after which I will set a price and sell them as normal. If you have purchased the game during 2020 I will also email you the cards. From release date, I will include the new card set with each purchase of the game as a PDF.

Any questions let me know, but until then stay safe.

Kind regards


This was originally posted on the Minden Playing Card Cricket Delphi Board.

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