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Update, March 26, 2016: We are now setting up a working group for the Open Source project outlined below. For more information and to register your interest visit our Delphi Forum

For those who are fans of Minden Cricket and regular visitors to our Delphi forum you will know I have been a "little" tardy in terms of updating the forums and keeping up with a steady flow of news. While I don't foresee that changing for a while I thought while I have a few minutes I would update you with some news.

Meeting Gary - A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting for the first time in the flesh, Gary Graber, the designer / creator of Minden Cricket. Previously we have talked on the phone and, mostly, via email, so it was a treat to finally meet Gary when he visited London recently. We managed to catch up a few times and it was fascinating to get a detailed insight into how Gary creates his games (cricket is an old passion of his, but he is really a war game designer and publisher of a regular war game magazine - and he is also a History Professor in what I like to call "the real world"). During our meetings we discussed how we might evolve Minden Cricket hence the news below ...

Twenty20 Anyone? - while there can be no promises on when this might be delivered, we did discuss creating a Twenty20 version of Minden Cricket. The rules would be tweaked for the modern, shorter version of the game, and it would be designed as an entry level game, teaching people the basics of Minden Cricket, and eventually leading into the much richer version of the full 5th edition. Stay tuned ...

Cards Sets and Open Source - perhaps of more interest for people is some news on the card sets. Since creating the 5th Edition about 4-5 years ago it's been a steady seller and up until last Christmas I had managed to find time in my otherwise busy life to create new season cards sets each year. This is not a simple endeavour and generally takes about a week of full time work to do. As such the number of card sets available for Minden is reasonably limited. To help change this we are considering (I say "considering" because no final decision has been made yet) publishing the stats and formula of the Advanced Cards and allowing people to create their own sets. The only rider would be that the copyright for such cards would enter the public domain and ideally would be published on this forum and made available to other Minden Cricket gamers. If we go ahead with this, I expect to be able to work on this in early January next year so that it is more an 2016 project than this year as there is quite a bit of prep to reveal the formula for public consumption. 

Again...stay tuned.

Image source: The Examiner.

Written by Darren Edwards — January 02, 2016

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Minden Playing Card Cricket is a cricket board game and is usually shipped each Monday.

Ashes, Career and Series Sets of Players Cards are delivered as PDFs and are available to download immediately after purchase.