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Very sad news. I have just surfed to Cricinfo and seen that Tony Greig has passed away after a battle with lung cancer. He was only 66.

What a very sad thing. My wife worked with him briefly in the 90s when we were building web sites for the Nine Network in Sydney and she always speaks of their brief meeting with fondness, saying he was a very nice man.

Recently he has slowly been recognised for his important role in modernising the game, and with his lecture at Lord's last year, he has started to be forgiven by the English cricketing establishment. I have been listening to the many tributes to him on podcasts and streaming radio, and he was obviously much loved.

I am particularly impressed that Kerry Packer kept his word all those years ago that Greig would have a "job for life" with Packer's organisation. I will really miss his commentary.

Strangley, I am working on the 1970s Australia / England Decade set and there his is amongst all the famous names. At the moment he is looking like a SR B DR C+ (B- for those who play the Basic Game). Trivial, I know, but there you go. I will post his card here when done by way of a very, very minor tribute.

Pic via Cricinfo.

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