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Okay, so it was in the Over by Over account of second day of the Fourth Test in Nagpur, but it was there and quite fun to see.

What was there I hear you ask? Nothing but a mention of the finest cricket stats based board game this side of the black stump.

And it was fun to see the usage spike, and we sold a small handful of games to boot.

So, a big thanks to long time Minden Playing Card Cricket supporter, Phil P, who sent in an email to the Over by Over team at the Guardian newspaper, which was then published during the lunch break.

Almost makes me wonder what would happen if I actually tried to promote this fine little sports stats-based board game rather than letting our sales tick over at a regular pace :-)

ps: in the spirit of the current ban on photographers by the BCCI, I've used an image that is from the files of Cricinfo that has little to do with the article above. Enjoy!

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