Minden Playing Card Cricket - Cricket Board Game

Those of you who have visited mindencricket.com before will notice some changes. 

First of all we've moved our shop to Shopify, a neat little e-commerce site that allows us a bunch of behind the scenes improvement. But, more importantly, for those who purchase Minden Cricket items the biggest change you'll notice is the fact you can now purchase and then instantly download any of our Advanced Player card sets or Tour Packs.

No more waiting for an email to arrive. Just buy, download, print and play.

We hope this service will be popular with our customers, and for now we have stopped making 'print and post' versions of the cards available. We may change back to this is there are enough requests but for now only the Core Game will be purchasable as a printed product (and of course you will get all of the current crop of Advanced Cards printed on high quality stock with the game itself).

We are also working steadily to increase the number of Advanced Player cards available, as well as some special Tour Packs like the popular 1948 Ashes Tour Pack, but as ever time remains the enemy. 

Written by Dagbo Star — September 28, 2012


Minden Playing Card Cricket is a board game and is usually shipped each Monday. Advanced Player Card sets and Tour Packs are sold as PDFs and are available to download immediately after purchase.